April 14, 1945

April 14th, 1945, shows only little aerial activity over The Reich, mainly attackes of B-26 Marauders in the west and some few Soviet aircraft in the east, supporting the advance of the Red Army. Luftwaffe operations on a larger scale are not mentioned.

The night to April 15th, 1945, sees the Royal Air Force attacking Potsdam with about 500 Lancasters, Mosquitos are flying ahead of the bomber stream for illumination and strafing operations, for example on the Neuruppin airfield.

It is said that 10./NJG 11 was involved in the defense of Berlin and Potsdam, yet the morning report of the Luftwaffeführungsstab Ic only mentions 7 aircraft of 1. Jagddivision against the bombers and 6 Messerschmitt Bf 109 against the Mosquitos, the latter claiming two successes. No Lancaster is claimed, as far as I know. But one is list – a Lancaster of No. 138 Sqn. is brought down by a German night fighter after having been coned in a searchlight over Potsdam.

1945-04-14 - RF143

So there is the possibility that one of the claimed aircraft actually was a Lancaster – if this loss is related to 10./NJG 11 is open to discussion.

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