April 19, 1945

In the late evening hours of April 19th 1945, the next rolling wave of Mosquitos is over Berlin – 79 of them this time. They are over the city between 23:13 hrs. and 01:22 hrs.

This time, they are intercepted by two Messerschmitt Me 262 of 10./NJG 11 claiming two Mosquitos shot down. The numbers are preserved in a morning report of the Luftwaffeführungsstab Ic as well as an intercepted radio message[1]The National Archives, DEFE-3/570 – KO1411.

KO1411However, the RAF documents don’t show any loss of aircraft that night – all of them returned home safely.

References   [ + ]

1. The National Archives, DEFE-3/570 – KO1411
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