April 25, 1945

For April 25th, 1945, documents of the Royal Air Force are confirming an encounter with jets likely to have come from 10./NJG 11 – I have already detailed the story on my main site here and would suggest to pick it up from there as originally published.

The two pilots, by the way, have been Lt. Jörg Czypionka and Fw. Karl-Heinz Becker – from the latter, a personal account is available describing the events in detail and from the perspective of the Luftwaffe – although he is slightly off with the day, giving May 2nd, 1945, as date of the skirmish.

FB Becker - Page 5Looking up the combat reports files with the National Archives in the UK, there is only one reported (long-distance) fire exchange with a Messerschmitt Me 262 on May 2nd, 1945 – that does not match the events described by both sides for April 25th, 1945 which I think supports the assumption that this was the original date of the event and Karl-Heinz Becker’s flight log is slightly off.


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