April 30, 1945

On April 30th, 1945, the British forces are crossing the Elbe river and the 11th Armoured Division (UK) is advancing towards Lübeck, taking the town by May 2nd, 1945.

The Autobahn airfield near Reinfeld is directly in the way of the advancing British troops – they are reaching the area the day before, on May 1st, 1945. Since it is unlikely that the British would have ignored the men and aircraft of 10./NJG 11 and would have allowed them to fly out to Schleswig-Land afterwards, it seems logical that the jets must have been taken up north to their last retreat latest on May 1st, 1945. Which suggests that both flight logs, the one of Lt. Herbert Altner and the one of Karl-Heinz Becker, are showing wrong dates.

Altner-6FB Becker - Page 5

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