October 27, 1944

Another few nights of quietness in Berlin follow the last attack before the Light Night Striking Force is back the night of October 27th, 1944 to October 28th. The absence from target is possibly owed to the weather – closed layers of clouds almost up to the cruising altitude of the Mosquitos.

Nonetheless – the night to October 28th sees the “Mossies” back – this time, the attack is split into two waves[1]Middlebrook, Martin et al.; The Bomber Command War Diaries; a.a.O, Page 608.

The first wave of 25 Mosquitos is reaching their target shortly after 23:00 hrs, the second wave – another 35 Mosquitos – is following a good two hours later, at 00:57 hrs.

The weather conditions are suggesting that 10./JG 300 was very likely not intercepting this night – although all experienced instrument flight professionals, flying under the given conditions was hazardous. And still, there is a claim made by Kurt Welter in the claim lists – north of Berlin, in the early hours of October 28th, 1944, at 01:20 hrs.

The claim is late, even for the second wave of Mosquitos. However, the Records of Events of No. 139 Sqn. indeed does mention the sighting of a “jet-propelled aircraft” near Neinburg[2]No 139 Sqn. Records of Events, October 1944 (AIR 27/961) – more likely to be Nienburg/Saale – but the sighting is made by aircrafts of the first wave.

It is circumstantial evidence at best – but it seems that indeed “both sides” were flying that night, even if no encounter took place and no claim was made. The sighting of a night fighter jet by the British crews might very well be a first indication on one of the early experimental flights Kurt Welter was conducting out of the airfield of Rechlin/Lärz. The timing would be “spot-on”, although the exact dates of his flights have not been recorded.

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2. No 139 Sqn. Records of Events, October 1944 (AIR 27/961)
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