December 17, 1944

A Sunday. Karl-Heinz Becker – by now in Rechlin-Lärz – is in the middle of his type-training on the Messerschmitt Me 262. According to his own Flugbuch[1]Flugbuch: the personal flight log of a pilot, he had three flights with a Me 262 Trainer, a twin-seater. His rear man: Kurt Welter himself.

FB Becker - Page 1The flight log shows the first of three flights at 14:47 hrs. with a tough-down at 15:04 hrs – a flight time of 17 minutes (not 7 minutes as noted in the log).

FB Becker - Page 2

Two more flights follow directly afterwards – the second one from 15:10 hrs to 15:16 hrs. and the third one from 15:22 hrs. to 15:28 hrs.

The aircraft was a Messerschmitt Me 262 B-1a, a twin-seat trainer, with the code “E3+04” – most likely Werknummer 130 176, Stammkennzeichen “SQ+WO”.

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1. Flugbuch: the personal flight log of a pilot
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