December 18, 1944

On December 18th, 1944, Karl-Heinz Becker continues his type conversion training – he logs three more flights with the Me 262 Trainer, “E3+04” on that day: one flight from 10:58 hrs. to 11:05 hrs, one from 11:19 – 11:24 and a final flight from 11:27 to 11:33 hrs.

FB Becker - Page 2Apparently, this concludes his “jet training” and he is now a qualified jet pilot. The aircraft, by the way, has two more flights this very day: Christian Dietrich, a pilot of the Erprobungsstellen, logs two additional flights from 14:00 hrs. to 14:17 hrs. and 14:25 hrs. to 14:30 hrs. Unfortunately, his log does not provide any details with respect to the reasons of these flights.

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