November 25, 1944

The Wochenbericht[1]Wochenbericht: Weekly Report of the  Erprobungsstelle Rechlin[2]Rechlin Test Center for the Week November 18th – 25th, 1944 states

“Flight operations suffered from the bad weather. Take-off and taxiing report ready for signature. D-Compass installed and calibrated. First flights showed satisfactory results. FuG 16 Z now working, following another examination. Night flight in preparation for operational flights (Lt. Welter) done. Aircraft is ready for nocturnal missions.”

1944-11-25 - Wochenbericht RechlinThe copy of the original document has – once more – been provided by Manfred Boehme.

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1. Wochenbericht: Weekly Report
2. Rechlin Test Center
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