January 10, 1945

The next listed claim for Kurt Welter is dated January 10th, 1945 – again, a Mosquito is mentioned. However, no attack of the Royal Air Force on Berlin or into the Berlin region is recorded. And neither is a loss of anyone of the RAF Night Fighters.

All in all, this night seems to have been rather quiet. The mass of the Mosquitos was cound for Hannover, additional raid of three machines each were targeting Köln, Koblenz, Mannheim, and Wiesbaden. There is no evidence of any reactions by the regular night fighter units,

1945-01-11 - Air Activity Summary 1958It appears, however, that a “lone rider” might have been in the air – communication with one aircraft was overheard by the allied radio interception units but they were unable to determine the unit and the control center.

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