January 14, 1945

On January 14th, 1945, the Royal Air Force flies the next Mosquito attack on Berlin – this time, the attack turns into disaster: of the 83 Mosquitos attacking, 8 will not return home. Three of the Mosquitos are lost over Belgium, 5 more are lost over own territory due to bad weather in England.

No. 139 Squadron is losing two Mosquitos – both are lost over own territory:

1945-01-14 - MM132

1945-01-14 - KB263No. 128 Squadron also loses a Mosquito over England, tribute to a quickly deteriorating weather situation.

1945-01-14 - MM204Also lost to bad weather and crashing during an attempted emergency landing at the airfield of Brussels-Melsbroek, is ML976 of No. 571 Sqn.

1945-01-14 - ML976Finally, No. 692 Sqn. is also losing two Mosquitos – one over England (MM150) and one over Belgium (MM128):

1945-01-14 - MM150

1945-01-14 - MM128Of course, the Summary of Aircraft Damaged on Operations shows the losses as well:

1945-01-14 - Summary of Aircraft Damaged on Operations

Despite so many Mosquitos lost during this night, none of them is lost to enemy action. Which is important with respect to the already mentioned teletype of January 15th, 1945, which is crediting Kurt Welter with two Mosquitos for this very night.

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