February 17, 1945

In the evening hours of February 17th, 1945, Kommando Welter is once more losing one of its jets – and the pilot: Ofw. Walter Böckstiegel, who reportedly is circling the airfield in a nocturnal training flight, crashes the aircraft – “Red 2” – about 5 km east of the airfield and is killed.

It is assumed that the low speeds in combination with the turns and his inexperience with the jet might have caused the aircraft to stall and crash.

1945-02-17 - 110 603The loss is also covered in the Generalquartiermeister’s loss lists[1]Genst. Gen. Qu. 6 Abt, Nr. 170/45:

GQM Verlust 1945-02-17

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1. Genst. Gen. Qu. 6 Abt, Nr. 170/45
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