March 14, 1945

On March 14th, 1945, Karl-Heinz Becker logs a flight on “Rote 2” – this one is marked as Y-Flug[1]engl.: Y-Flight, indicating it as a radio-guided or radio-calibration flight. Given that “Rote 2” started to appear in his log with a Prüfflug[2]engl.: Test Flight or Verification Flight two days earlier on March 12th, 1945, this is possibly a newly delivered aircraft[3]10./NJG 11 is said to have had two new Me 262 A-1 assigned on March 1st, 1945.

FB Becker - Page 3While Karl-Heinz Becker is taking his turns in and around Burg near Magdeburg, Herbert Altner’s logs shows a flight to Lübeck and his return flight the same day.


During the night to March 15th, 1945, 75 Mosquitos of the Light Night Striking Force are attacking Berlin. Their inbound route is Meppen – Hannover – Braunschweig and then Berlin.

Einflug 1945-03-14

A little bit further to the south, an attack of 244 Lancaster bombers incl. Mosquito Pathfinders is also in the air – attacking the oil installations at Lützkendorf. The RAF is losing a total of 18 heavy bombers that night.

According to his flight log, Herbert Altner is flying a nightfighter mission that night – but it appears to have been flown in a Junkers Ju-88, possibly with his standard crew, Reinhard Lommatsch and Karl Braun.

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1. engl.: Y-Flight
2. engl.: Test Flight or Verification Flight
3. 10./NJG 11 is said to have had two new Me 262 A-1 assigned on March 1st, 1945
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