March 16, 1945

In March 16th, 1945, Karl-Heinz Becker logs a flight with “Rote 6”. This being a solo flight, she should have been a single-seater, one of the Me 262 A-1a the unit was flying.

FB Becker - Page 3

It is his only flight on this aircraft and the flight is labelled “Werkflug”[1]engl.: factory flight. This is of particular interest because among the aircraft captured by British forces in Schleswig after the surrender, “Rote 6” was a Messerschmitt Me 262 B-1a/U1 – a twin-seater, an interim night fighter. So there is a chance that this aircraft was to be lost in the near future but I currently have no proof of that.

During the night to March 17th, 1945, the Royal Air Force is concentrating their “heavies” on Nürnberg and Würzburg, targeting each city with roughly 220-230 Lancaster bombers. Of these, 24 from the Nürnberg raid and 6 from the Würzburg raid are lost[2]Middlebrook, Martin et al.; The Bomber Command War Diaries; Page 682.

On top of that, the Mosquitos are back over Berlin, 56 Mosquitos are attacking the Reichshauptstadt in the evening hours, all of them returning home to their bases safely[3]Middlebrook, Martin et al.; The Bomber Command War Diaries; Page 682. Their approach was an unusual one this time, given their usual pattern: Brussels – Düsseldorf – Paderborn – Braunschweig – Magdeburg and to Berlin.

Einflug 1945-03-16

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1. engl.: factory flight
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