March 21, 1945

March 21st, 1945, was a truly busy day for the Royal Air Force: first, around 500 Lancaster and Halifax bombers are attacking the cities Rheine, Münster, and Bremen during daylight. During the night, further attacks of around 130 – 150 Lancasters were flown against Hamburg and Bochum.

In addition, about 80 Mosquitos are approaching Berlin in the evening hours via the Frisian Islands – Emden – Hannover – Magdeburg to the Big City, they are over the target between 21:16 hrs. and 21:37 hrs.[1]Mehner, Kurt (Hrsg.): Die geheimen Tagesberichte der Deutschen Wehrmachtführung; Page 309

Later, in the early morning hours of March 22nd, 1945, a smaller force of about 40 Mosquitos is flying a second wave, approaching via Bocholt – Bielefeld – Hannover – Magdeburg. This force is reaching Berlin at 03:51 hrs., leaving the city at 04:09 hrs.[2]Mehner, Kurt (Hrsg.): Die geheimen Tagesberichte der Deutschen Wehrmachtführung; Page 309

Einflug 1945-03-21

The Morgenmeldung of the Luftwaffeführungsstab Ic from March 22nd, 1945, states:

“Against 1st Mosquito Raid on Berlin: 1. J. Div.: 2 Me 262 (Kdo Welter), 3 for sure. No losses.”[3]Mehner, Kurt (Hrsg.): Die geheimen Tagesberichte der Deutschen Wehrmachtführung; Page 309

If the Morgenmeldung is correct with two Messerschmitt Me 262 being involved in the flight, both pilots can be safely named: Karl-Heinz Becker (who claims a Mosquito) and Oblt. Kurt Welter himself (who is named as Witness – Air) in the Abschussmeldung.

1945-03-21 - ASM 2 BeckerFollowing his account and his flight log, Becker leaves the airfield at Burg at 21:03 hrs. Roughly 30 minutes later, he is on his prey, at 21:32 hrs., Becker opens fire with the four Mk 108 30mm cannons. From a distance of about 150 – 250 meters, he scores hits in the cell and wing of the Mosquito, which immediately catches fire and starts to disintegrate in midair.

Like on his first combat mission, parts of the Mosquito are damaging his own jet and he is forced to return to his home airfield where he safely lands at 21:54 hrs. The victory is located at position 15 Ost Süd / GG 5-6, just south of Berlin, near Rangsdorf.

FB Becker - Page 4Kurt Welter himself also provides a written account, confirming the Abschuss and the subsequent crash of the Mosquito.

1945-03-21 - ASM 2 Becker - Anhang

The loss of a Mosquito is confirmed by the records of the Royal Air Force: W/O Ian Malcom MacPhee and Sgt. Albert Victor Sullivan are missing from a mission to Berlin, her Mosquito, PF392, fails to return.

1945-03-22 - PF392

With Becker’s account in mind and him returning to the airfield due to damage to the jet, Kurt Welter should be the one responsible for the two other claims mentioned in the Morgenmeldung the next day. However, the RAF Records do not support the loss of one or two other Mosquitos that night[4]“Summary of Aircraft damaged om Operations, Page 426 (AIR14/3460) .

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4. “Summary of Aircraft damaged om Operations, Page 426 (AIR14/3460)
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